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The Chinko Project is recruiting an experienced Law Enforcement Manager to head the Law Enforcement (LE) department. The department currently consist of 60 paramilitary trained wildlife rangers and a number of support personnel, both expat and local. The Chinko Project is managing a 17,600Km2 nature reserve in the remote south eastern part of the Central African Republic.

The role of the LE Manager is to ensure the security of the Chinko reserve, protecting the wildlife and the habitat from illegal poaching and exploitation. The main security threats consist of militarized poaching groups, transhumance herders and artisanal miners. The reserve is in an early stage of development and gradual expansion of the area under control is required. The LE Manager would be responsible for this expansion and to increase the number of wildlife rangers to over 150, providing adequate support, training and leadership. This is a truly unique opportunity and a hugely important job, to protect one of the most remote and diverse nature reserves left in Africa today. 

Areas of responsibility

  1. Organize, plan and manage the overall Law Enforcement and security strategy to expand the area of control.
  2. Organize trainings for LE personnel to ensure high standard of operational capacity and discipline, as well as carry out selection and recruitment of future personnel.
  3. Organize, supervise and assist in patrols throughout the reserve.
  4. Manage logistics within the LE section such as stock checking, tracking material and equipment, as well as insuring maintenance and upkeep.
  5. Identify, sourcing and ordering materials required for LE operations.
  6. Assist in providing previsions of consumables and costs for the department in terms of budgeting and planning.
  7. Ensure maintenance of administrative procedures, such as patrol reports, Human Resource, arrests procedures, collection of data and weapon security protocols.
  8. Ensure good communication between LE sections and other departments within Chinko Project.
  9. Coordination with local security officials bordering the reserve and in the capital.

Capabilities, competencies and experience required

  1. Proven technical knowledge of military operations and procedures.
  2. Excellent leadership and people management/team building skills.
  3. Strong communication skills.
  4. Strong personal integrity and ability to work independently.
  5. Ability to deal with insecurity and high-stress situations.
  6. Able to find innovative solutions to difficult logistical problems.
  7. Good report writing skills.
  8. Proficiency in French and English language.
  9. Experience with wildlife protection in Africa or work experience in Africa.

We offer

  • 2 years contract. (three months’ duty - one month off, rotation schedule).
  • Evacuation and medical insurance.
  • All expenses paid, including housing, meals, drinks, visa, transport, etc.
  • Competitive salary.

How to apply

Send your CV and cover letter to Recruitment on rolling basis and the position will be filled once we have the right candidate. 

About Chinko Project

The Chinko Project sustainably manages a nature reserve in the heart of Africa – one of the last pristine mosaics of wooded savannah and tropical lowland rainforest deep within the Central African Republic. This project goes beyond conservation, it represents hope for stability and governance in one of the poorest regions on earth with an endless history of corruption, depletion of natural resources and military conflicts.

We are passionate about Central Africa – for both its wildlife and people – and believe there is a way for both to coexist. The Chinko Project, as a governing body, supports local communities, protects the ecosystem, and maintains economic value through tourism – providing the key to a sustainable future for this thriving ecosystem. More information on:

Chinko Project is a proud member of African Parks

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