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In the heart of Africa lies one of the only remaining pristine mosaics of wooded savannah and tropical lowland rainforest, deep within the Central African Republic (CAR). The Chinko Project sustainably manages the southern part of this wilderness, where the two rivers Chinko and Mbari meet. This region, however, is one of the poorest regions on earth, with an endless history of conflict, corruption and military coups.

In addition to these challenges, economic interest, environmental change and continual development are reshaping our world. People are then forced to leave their homelands and adapt their lifestyles, which increases pressure on earth`s limited resources. In the CAR, this struggle - in tandem with a present lack of education, rampant poverty, ivory and exotic pelt trade, bush meat poaching and timber extraction - rapidly depletes its nonrenewable resources. 

We at Chinko Project have a passion for Africa - its wildlife and people, and believe there is a way for the two to coexist. In building a constituency for conservation, learning from conservation history and research, maintaining economic value through tourism, and cooperation with regional authorities, we are offering a sustainable future for this thriving ecosystem.

With the authorization from the Central African government we are on our way to realize the initial phase of our long term plan.  
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David Simpson, CEO


Chinko Project Area

The Chinko/Mbari Drainage basin is one of the last functioning ecosystems that currently has a very low human impact, as there are no permanent settlements or agricultural activities within the region. It belongs to one of the last continuous savanna and rainforest ecosystems of Africa. It is a remotely accessible area of around 80’000 sq km of sparsely inhabited Medio-Sudanian and Sudano-Guinean savanna with some patches of Congolian lowland rainforest in the east of the Central African Republic.

The whole Chinko river basin and adjacent regions in the eastern part of CAR (excluding the officially protected Zémongo reserve) are active or abandoned hunting zones managed by different international safari hunting companies. Public transport or other vehicle movements are non-existent. No permanent settlements exist in the headwater of the river Mbari, Chinko, Ouarra and Kotto. The vegetation is therefore virtually undisturbed from humans with presently limited but massively increasing temporal grazing by transhumance livestock. Currently there is no forestry or agricultural exploitation of the area.

Since 2007 a network of more than 3,000 km of forest roads has been established in what today constitutes the Chinko Project Area. With this existing infrastructure, the unique combination of ecotones and animal populations, the low human pressure as well as sharing it’s eastern border with the unmanaged Zemongo Nature Reserve, makes this roughly 17,600 sq km, this tract of land is an ideal place to focus on conservation.

Biodiversity & Gallery


Central Africa, and in particular the Chinko/Mbari drainage basin, represent one of the least scientifically investigated areas of Africa. The particular habitat of undisturbed wooded savannah and rainforest allows for an incredible richness of species, and puzzling phenomena, making it a hotspot of biodiversity. 

  • Chinko Elephant History
  • Lelwel Hartebeest
    Lelwel Hartebeest
  • Patas Monkey
    Patas Monkey
  • African Forest Elephant
    African Forest Elephant
  • African Leopard
    African Leopard
  • Common Warthog
    Common Warthog
  • Nile Bushbuck
    Nile Bushbuck
  • African Lion
    African Lion
  • African Savannah Elephant
    African Savannah Elephant
  • Great Blue Turaco
    Great Blue Turaco
  • Lake Chad Buffalo
    Lake Chad Buffalo
  • Eastern Black And White Mantled Guereza
    Eastern Black And White Mantled Guereza
  • Defassa Waterbuck
    Defassa Waterbuck
  • Eastern Giant Eland Antelope
    Eastern Giant Eland Antelope
  • Olive Baboon
    Olive Baboon
  • De Brazzas Monkey
    De Brazzas Monkey
  • Water Chevrotain
    Water Chevrotain
  • Northern Ground Hornbill
    Northern Ground Hornbill
  • Giant Forest Hog
    Giant Forest Hog
  • Black Headed Bee Eater
    Black Headed Bee Eater
  • Ground Pangolin
    Ground Pangolin
  • African Wild Dog
  • M2E85L231-231R381B329
    Bongo Antelope
  • M2E72L212-211R382B320
    Forest Buffalo
All species (mammals and birds) lists are available online. Our research already generated more than 500,000 pictures, of which we provide a selection in this gallery (click 'all photos' below).


Meet The Team

  • David Simpson
    David Simpson
    CEO, President
  • Raffael Hickisch
    Raffael Hickisch
    Vice-President, Board Member
  • Jean Baptiste Mamang
    Jean Baptiste Mamang
    Board Member
  • David Zokoe
    David Zokoe
    Board Member
  • Anton Lundkvist
    Anton Lundkvist
    Board Member
  • Thierry Aebischer
    Thierry Aebischer
    Board Member, Division Manager Research
  • Jean Marc Fromment
    Jean Marc Fromment
    AAB Member
  • Philipp Henschel
    Philipp Henschel
    AAB Member
  • Louisa Lombard
    Louisa Lombard
    AAB Member
  • Charlotte Mararv
    Charlotte Mararv
    AAB Member
  • Racey Bingham
    Racey Bingham
    AAB Member
  • John Michael Fay
    John Michael Fay
    AAB Member
  • Emelie Mararv
    Emelie Mararv
    Division Manager Constituency Building
  • Federico Lambert
    Federico Lambert
    Site Manager CPA
  • Eric Ngamana
    Eric Ngamana
    Site Manager Bangui
  • Tobias Ruckstuhl
    Tobias Ruckstuhl
  • Constantin Hofstetter
    Constantin Hofstetter
    Information Technologies
  • Loredana Hartmann
    Loredana Hartmann
  • Milena Klimek
    Milena Klimek
    Fundraising, Scientific Writing
  • Ryan Youngblood
    Ryan Youngblood
    Film & Photography

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Chinko Project operates under very particular conditions, in an area classified among the most remote on the continent. We can only operate with support by passionate private partners, joining our path to the future.
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